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2008 Holden Sv6

General Information

Sadly traded my baby (a VN) in on a car. Slowly it's becoming more than that to me (though I still feel guilty and a bit sad about the trade, a few years later).
Haven't done a lot to her, but she's slowly becoming mine. So far:
Airhammer, catch can and Mace manifold insulator are all the engine mods.
Pioneer GPS headunit & quasi HVAC displaying to monitor replacing the SIC.
Replaced all speakers and added amp and 12" sub.
HSV triple window cluster.
Reverse camera.
Slotted/crossdrilled DBA rotors.
Optima battery (not really a mod, but love it compared to standard)
To do list:
Replace the rest of the red lighting on the switches with white and maybe the red speedo/tacho lighting too.
Whatever else suddenly strikes my fancy and doesn't cost too much.


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