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2008 Holden Ve ss ute

General Information

VE SS UTE 6.0 lt LS2, 6sp Manual, Voodoo Blue.
Second owner. Mods by previous owner include VCM Cam kit, upgraded valve springs, VCM OTR cold air intake, MAFLESS tune, duel twin dump pipes, completely debadged.

Since then i have put SSL King springs all round, modified the putrid chevy grille that also came with it.

Possible future plans;
Heavy duty clutch. Darkest legal window tint. Light black tail light tint. Replace grille with plain honeycomb insert and attach small bootlid ss badge. Carbon fibre bonnet mould. Undecided on rims maybe gunmetal grey SSV & coil overs or airbags. Extractors and full exhaust system. Plenty of new rear tyres..


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