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2012 Holden Commodore

General Information

Totally stock (apart from factory and dealer options) and love it that way. Have modified a lot of vehicles in the past but have come to realise all it does is decrease their value. Huge fan of the 3.0L engine and have always loved the amazing ride of the FE1 suspension but wanted more than an Omega or Berlina. Then along came the Equipe with all it's Calais gear. Had to be in Sizzle colour and a wagon because they look so much better. One day will get a VE SSV as well to play with in Poison Ivy. But for an everyday driver/ cruiser the Equipe can't be beaten in my humble opinion. Probably one of the best value limited editions Holden has released.
Cargo protector
Cargo net
1600 kg tow kit
Luxury mats
Window tint
Paint treatment
Leather treatment
Carpet treatment

Standard Equipe Specs:
Calais seats
Calais wheels
Calais steering wheel
Rear camera
Rear parking sensors
Cargo blind
Equipe badging
3 screen computer
IQ with virtual changer
1600kg towing capability including transmission cooler


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