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2016 Vf II SV6 Black Edition Twin Turbo

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So I got my VF SV6 back from the blokes at Goat Performance Products late last month.

Produces 379RWHP and 640 NM of Torque running 9 psi with a custom 3" exhaust. Keep in mind this car is completely stock aside from the Twin Turbo, this is also a safe tune to protect the longevity of the engine.

The car feels and runs great, fuel economy... is actually not that bad, still cruises very well on the highway averaging 7.5L per 100Km, around town is a bit of a problem, I don't have a reliable readout for town driving but I expect it would be between 12-14L per 100Kmm, should you turn off traction control, you should be ready to burn rubber as the wheels will just spin under heavy acceleration.

On the downside some of the turbo components and the new exhaust coming out of the engine bay are a bit close to the ground, so much so that the car would be impossible to drive if it was lowered, due to it being closer to the ground, there are some speed humps that I literally cannot go over or will scrape against the rock guard and exhaust, I am actually looking into some options to raise the car up a little bit to avoid scraping in the future.

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