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$4000 SS Ute project.

General Information

Well I got this ute. I call it Blondie the 3rd (Named for an Atlanta stripper then a 2012 Silverado, then a 2015 Fat Bob)
In short I needed cheap transport to move cities in.
I wasn't going to buy any old **** box though, I've wanted a decent V8 or fast 6 for a while. Especially since the Aussie made ones are going away.
This is what I found. It's a 2002 VU SS with the LS1. Genuine k's were at 135,000 at purchase. It's been pretty seriously neglected starting when the guy I bought it from getting it in 2012.

The good.
Low k's, verified this by carfax history, only had 92,000 when last sold in 2012 (14,000!)
Motor and trans are good and seem solid.
Water pump done recently.
Windscreen done recently.
Body is rust free and mostly straight.
Heavy duty tow bar setup that looks useful.
Adult owned it's whole life. Original owner was an older guy (old people rego records etc) and has been modded very conservatively.
Has a cat back twin system of some type.
Has 18 inch wheels which look OK.
No signs of burnouts (when did this **** start being called 'skids'? skids are either in your pants or on a BMX)
Is black, just like Blondie.

The Bad
Neglected since 2012, was left sitting in a golf course car park for the last 6 months.
Previous owner was a grub. Doesn't smell like he smoked in it, but the interior is grotty.
Rear main seal leaks like the DNC's email server.
AC does not work, guy did not know why.
Water pump done recently (but why? and was it done right etc)
Belt squeaks, see above.
Starter clicks like the solenoid is fucked. Sometimes. Sometimes it's perfect. Cranks slow also.
Battery is a 58MF (not a 68MF) and looks to have been brought back from dead and I think it's one foot in the ground, see above.
Airbag light is on.
ABS light comes on and off as it pleases.
Coolant comes out sometimes, but not seemingly due to running? Possibly a cracked reservoir or something.
Cheap Chinese garbage tyres. Front left has been curbed and will have to go in the garbage.
3.07 diff gears.
Wheels have been curbed many times, will get tossed once I've fixed the important ****.

The Ugly
Nudge bar. ******* old man accessory. Removed that **** today, if you want it, PM me. 12 beers.
Some ancient hands free kit from Nokia that makes horrible beeping noises. Removed today.
Some stupid immobilizer or alarm thing that doesn't seem to work. Or do anything. Partially removed today, was hacked into the main harness in the right foot well. Partially removed thus far.
Missing screws. Mostly just on bodywork. WTF? Why can't people put all the **** back in when they've worked on these things?

The plan.
So the idea is to futz about with this thing and fulfill my nostalgic dreams of being a ute driving super bogan.
I'm going to buy as many go fast bits as I can second hand from Scumtree. It's no princess so the bits don't need to be pretty.
It should be fast but useful. Motorcycle rescue vehicle and **** weather commuter will be it's place in life.

Already got my 'Smokin' Darts and Breakin' Hearts' sticker on there.

Why can't I upload pictures?


Sounds good mate! looking forward to some updates.

I have bought a vz ssz ute about 6 months ago that sounds like it came from a very similar situation! Black, sat for a long time, neglected etc. Have just started modding it slowly, buying my parts of gumtree, same as you (i lol'd at scumtree by the way)

Just picked up a set of advance tri y's for $200!


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