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Items by dashdown98

My 2003 Series II VY S Pack Sedan Factory manual Second car, mostly stock besides a few things such as: Pedders lowered rear springs BBOSS 19" rims Has all the features of an SS such as electric windows, SS bodykit, FE2 suspension etc. My plans for it: Big budget Sony stereo install Catback exhaust - most likely a Berklee Extractors New clutch kit on its way LED interior SS fog lights SS or DRL headlights Fix a few small paint chips Not much else to do really, maybe...
• T5 5 speed • Performance Extractors • 2.5" Catback (No resonator or muffler) • Pioneer head unit & 6" speakers • LSD • 17" CSA Alloys •Pedders shocks 100% Tasmanian Owned!
1992 Holden Ute