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Items by H8UZ KUSTOM knh

1984 toyota soarer mz 11, 2.8L gt limited twin over head cam 2 door coupe, this model won 1986 drift king, my ride has air bag suspension, cruise control, electric sunroof, and windows ONLY 1 I HAVE EVER SEEN MYSELF IN AUSTRALIA. fully imported, bottom end getting worked. Was continually pulled up by police trying to find modifications,also questioning me what it was... that rare im still trying to replace my drivers window as it was a smoked glass tougher n thicker than most windows these days.
5 speed converted,0 to 100 in 8 seconds, spins just after i snap third in a straight line
VR factory 5 speed, H8UZ Kustom paint undercarraige, everything under the hood