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Items by Jman.66697

This is my genuine HSV VT XU6 number 82. bought it missing more parts including the l67 than not but have almost finished it now
My vt berlina XU6 mock up project was originally all standard 3.8l auto with cream trim. is now running an l67, manual with 10 psi pulley, 1.98-1 rockers, stainless steel valves, ported and polished heads, cai and 2.5' catback with redback extractors
This is my Vt S2 Berlina, bought it out of a locals back paddock as half a car with no keys & built it with my old exec parts & a few vs parts.. wouldn't know it was the same car today. Now running a WH statesman BCM, Vs ported & polished Plenum & lower intake manifold, ported & polished Heads, two hole modded.. am going for the stock look under the hood but with a bit more balls