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Items by Mark O.B.B Rivett

Vz Berlina Wagon Bought Cheap Bought Stock... New Project.... Fixed heaps of commonwhore problems such as starter motor, radiator, oil sensor, fuel gauge, driving light, removed 3rd row seat. Mods So Far - Tinted windows, subwoofer, K&N, 18'wheels, alot more in the works (extractors exhaust, suspension, dvd headunit ect, ect) The Daily Family Car
Holden/Isuzu Rodeo/invader bought stock & cheap, now its the mudda trukka with a few mods - rebuilt Isuzu 2.6l - 2.5inch exhaust & extractors - 2 inch tuff dog lift with all the good stuff - K&N Pod Fillter - 31 by 10.5 inch tyres on 15 by 8 inch rims - Kenwood Head Deck & Speakers with Fusion Slim Sub & Amp Heaps of things to do yet, work in progress
Bought cheap & dead stock, has mild mods now, it was the daily family car. Sold The Old Girl.... On 2 The Vz now....