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Items by peteVX6L

Currently being rebuilt after writing it off in March this year. Almost done. Repowered with a crate LS2, Holley cable throttle body, street cam, VCM Value spring, VCM OTR intake, Di-Filipo 3' exhaust, KAAZ L.S.D, 4.11 diff gears, Harrop diff hat, Harrop heavy duty axles, D2 Brakes 8pot front 6pot rear, Billet short shift kit, De-loomed engine bay, LS1 ECU in kick panel, VZ radiator. A few other things I might have missed out. I love the VX shape above all the HSV's. The mrs thinks...
VX Clubsport, 6L LS2, cammed, LS1 ECU, Holley cable throttle body, VCM value springs, VCM cold air induction, heavy duty clutch, 4;11 dif ratio, Harrop diff hat, Harrop CV's and axels, D2 380 brakes 8 pot front, 6 pot rear, Di Filippo exhaust and a few other extras. ;)