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Hey All...Been a while since I was here but back again. Sadly the Caprice moved on, but now Have a 2007 VZ Crewman and a 2007 VZ Wagon with the PC1 Options. Both are LEO's , at least the Crewman is a 6 Speed Manual. Got Lucky with the Wagon, popped the Bonnet and the badge said FE2 Susp. Which Means I automatically got the LSD in that One. Ex-Police Unit with 220,000k's on the Clock. The Crewie has 191,000k's showing and a very good Service History. Both have their Original Books and BOTH...
1998 Statesman Caprice. 5L(304) AUTO In Rubens Red with Grey Leather Won't be grabbing it till this weekend so further pics will have to wait MODS by current owner....SSL Suspension 2.5 Catback