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Back in Black VE SS Ute

General Information

My midlife crisis ute.
2010 VE L98, manual, hard top, lowered a LOT...coil overs by pedders.
295s on rear and 245s on front.
228/232 camshaft, moly pushrods, heavy valve springs, ported heads, 1 and 3/4 X force to 2.5 inch system. Just had to replace clutch - too many ponies and started slipping.
Sounds amazing, reasonably quick although trying to get it to run perfectly has been a challenge.
Last dyno chart was 420 at wheels - new tune being done now with new manifold so hopefully might pull a few more ponies - but i'm not overly fussed by numbers, i'll be content with improved throttle response.
Id be interested to speak with anyone who knows this ute - was previously born in NSW.

Cheers SD1290GT


Hi mate, do you still have the ute?
I have just purchased a 2102 SS Thunder with 23,000 klmw on it.
It has a big boy di fillipo exhaust, extractors and cat back 3" and a OTR CAI but not sure what brand.
No documentation cam with the ute reagarding the upgrades, I got it from a dealer and they cant contact the previous owner.
I'm looking to get a mild cam but firstly I want to get it on a dyno, tune it if need be and then decide on a cam. It's a L97 engine so a bit more work and $$$ than a normal upgrade due to the DOD delete.
Can you reccomend anyone in Perth to do the work? There are so many to choose from and I'm not in the loop with who's who.


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