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Blaze blue vt s pack

  • Vt s pack with vx face lift cv8 steel bonnet has been painted in xb Falcon blaze blue inside and out Pedders SL Springs and shock's nolathane bushes thru out full alpine sound system Vx ss interior ,17 "vt Calais international,s received_440517636455394.jpeg received_1497407367063134.jpeg received_889706217885243.jpeg received_451391098598678.jpeg received_2047464592171574.jpeg received_1940206049351451.jpeg received_2197068690536537.jpeg received_398318084031334.jpeg
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  1. Suami
    That’s a very nice rig brother....Ford blue on a Commy ? Who cares; it looks wicked mate. I would be proud too
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  2. kode
    I thought it was tourmismo mica when I Frist got it untill it came time to get colour matched to fill fill in stone chipe
  3. mpower
    i don't know how i feel about Ford blue on a Holden.
    1. Suami
      Deal with it mate; unless he told you; you would have been none the wiser
      Suami, Feb 15, 2020