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A long term project almost complete - a lot of fun had along the way . Almost ready for Certification. VT 195 into old D21 .
4.2 Litres of naturally aspirated diesel fury!!!!
2004 Nissan Patrol
2001 Nissan Pulsar
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Car is a 180sx with Sileighty conversion . I brought the car as a bare shell only then spent the next 12 months doing a nut and bolt ground up rebuild . Car has typical sort of mods including ... FMIC , Z32 AFM , GT28rs with modified front wheel , Tomei lash killer kit , Fuel pump is upgrade for light tune GTR , 720cc inj , 3" dump into 3" Kakimoto racing exhaust , Heavy duty 5 puk clutch , Power FC , Boost controller , Innovate wide band A/F meter , Z32 4 pot brakes and discs , racing logic...
1994 Nissan Skyline