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  • image.png image.png image.png image.png image.jpeg I put some photos up before of my VF2 SS Black Edition but now with the decals ita finished.
    And yes I know it needs to be lowered, that will happen soon.
    Just wanted to showcase my pride and joy for all you SS lovers outh there.
    Ive included a photo of one of the real vf hdt blue meanie as a reference. I just feel that white and black is the sexiest colour combination you can have on a car.

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  1. Ta Moo
    Color look great.
  2. Xenogenesis
    looks mint mate. love that front bar insert... was thinking about going that route but a bit suss on airflow and heat dissipation for turbo build
  3. Hyperduc
    love ur look! Great work. I also love the black and white.
      Nick SS BLK likes this.
  4. Ron Burgundy
    I thought i saw this on carsales ?
    1. Nick SS BLK
      It is, i love the car, i dont want to sell it but if someone wants to give me what i put into it then id sell it, it good to be responsible sometimes, if it does sell id buy another one later down the track and do it again
      Nick SS BLK, May 21, 2017
  5. darkdesign
    hi mate, where'd you score the grille insert from?
    1. Nick SS BLK
      I got it from hdt.com.au
      But if youre in a hurry for it because sometimes there are big demands which means it goes on back order you can find them on ebay
      Nick SS BLK, May 15, 2017