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HK GTS Monaro

General Information

Owned only by two. Me since 1985 and the initial buyer back in 1968. Originally a 186S with an Opal 4 speed and Banjo Differential. In 1989 I got rid of all that **** and built/dropped myself, a 470hp (350kW) 350cin (5.7L Bracket Roller) Chevy, 327 P/P Heads (Kidney Chamber), 350 Turbo (trigged up) Transmission and a 3.50 Ford 9' Differential.
In my youth, it ran a 13.2sec quarter at 118MPH down the initial Eastern Creek straight (in front of the pits). It also ran 3rd at a 132MPH down Conrod Straight (Flying Mile), Bathurst. Slow on the track but uncontrollable on the street. It'll burn rubber for as long as I want. 1st, 2nd and 3rd through the Auto, but like old school, two hard stops and no brakes after that.
In 1995 I stripped it to the last nut and bolt. Had it bead blasted to its bones. It took me 2 years to find, the then, obsolete Compliance Plate colour. No Holden, no Dulux no expert or professional could help me. A little muslim lady, in a shed on Punchbowl Rd. Punchbowl NSW, wearing a burqa, took one look at my Compliance Plate and replied, "I can do this one. Give me 15 minutes."
Expecting 'yellow or some other colour'..."what does a little immigrant lady know about Australian Motoring History?" I started to panic.
15 minutes later she came back with two containers. A 1Litre sealed tin, "This for your car." she said "...and this for you! Touch up!" shaking a vegemite jar with the prettiest Electric Blue flick liquid I've ever seen. 'ACRYLLIC'
By 2001 I had everything refurbished. Interior, doors, seats, ceiling, dash and panel shelf. Electrical wiring, harnesses and saddles. The entire body was rustproofed, primed, painted and glossed. Every bolt, nut and washer was replaced.
Yes I cried when it fired up, idled and roared again!
My dad (bless his soul) who passed in 2008, said it sounded like "it crunched potatoes". LMAO.


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