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My Holden Ute SSV Redline 2011

General Information

SO, it´s a 2011 Series 2 Ute SSV Redline...
HSV 20" wheels
Tein coilovers
OTR intake
Holden hardlid
Rear cam.
Cat back 2,5" Xforce exhaust.

This was how i bought it.

What did i changed already:
Front cam (we drive on the right side of the road, so intake on a 2way road isn´t always easy), so now i can check it more easy on oncomming traffic.
Upgrade the music install, fase 1.
Changed the headlights (same reason as the cam).
Removed rear exhaust dampers (for a bit more grunt).
Added a EDI module, mirror function (on HU), movie function,...
Tinted the back lights (blacked them out).
Made a tow hook replacement when not mounted.

What´s on the planning:
Ad some vinyl graphics (since it´s our company car).
Add more power: extractors, better cat´s, engine update´s (still looking what are the best options), a compressor is for sure something i would like.
Hope to learn more here and get good tips.

Latest reviews

Love the ute and it's colour, really well kept and maintained.

I might be coming to Belgium and will be keeping an eye out for this ute !
toughest ute in belgium


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