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[R A V E N] 1999 VT Calais.

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  • Bought a 99 VT Calais from my local area for 800 bucks was in rough condition and i have been working on her for many months now...It's now legal and on the road...Been toying with the idea of what theme i could do with it and finally choose the black out look aka R A V E N...

    So far i have done the following...
    >CV Joints
    >All engines seals and gaskets
    >New Alt, Leads, CoilPack
    >Tore the old door trims and seats out replace with a nicer VZ interior
    >Tore out the old center console and put a much cleaner one...
    >The Audio System is Stable now
    >Exhaust has a hotdog then a small Dump pipe out the back sounds mean.
    >Running a Slight Enhance tune on the stock 3.8L
    >More i can't think of..

    Stage 1: Finish the interior

    Stage 2: Fix the exterior and prep for repsray.

    Stage 3: Engine now atm it's got a 3.8L Ecotech and have been toying to put a LS1 5.7L with a Automatic racing transmission upgrade.

    Stage 4: Respray and fine tune everything and fix little odds and ends.

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  1. RMG
    "VTs were very nice model, good choice"

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