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/// The Stig's 2005 E60 M5

General Information


Full Service History.

2005 BMW E60 M5 (NB92)
- 0-100Kph: 4.4sec
- 0-200Kph: 13.1sec
- Standing 1/4 mile (402.34m): 12.5sec @ 192Kph
- Top Speed 326Kph (204Mph)
- 50:50 Weight distribution

BMW Motorsport Division 5.0L V10 S85B50 Engine
- 378 kW (507 hp) @ 7750rpm
- 520 Nm (384 lbft) @ 6100rpm
- Redline @ 8250rpm
- Bore and Stroke: 92mm x 75.2 mm
- 12.0:1 Compression Ratio
- 90 degree bank angle
- Cast aluminum block with bed plate design split at the crankshaft axis
- Cylinder offset: 17 mm (no liners)
- CNC machined ports and combustion chambers
- Cast aluminum heads with four valves per cylinder and hydraulic lifters
- Cam duration (SAE) 268°/260°, lift 11.7/11.5 mm
- Double VANOS system which varies both intake and exhaust cam phasing
- Adjustment of camshafts: intake 60°, exhaust 37°
- Valves actuated through non-rotating inverted bucket cam followers
- Diameter of the inlet valves 35 mm, exhaust – 30.5 mm, stem diameter 5 mm
- Oil-cooled (via nozzle), forged aluminum alloy pistons from Mahle Motorsport
- Pistons weigh 481.7 grams, including piston pins and rings.
- Cylinder compression height: 27.4 mm
- Lightweight connecting rods (length: 140.7 mm)
- Rods with bearing shells weigh 623 grams.
- Forged steel crankshaft with counterweights, shared crankpins
- Uneven firing interval of 90 or 54 degrees.
- Firing Order: 1-6-5-10-2-7-3-8-4-9.
- Quasi-dry sump lubricating system
- Siemens MS S65 engine management
- Fuel injectors – 356 cc/min (500kPa)
- "Ionic current" knock control
- 10 individual electronically controlled throttle butterflies
- 2 x K&N Hi flow performance panel air filters (33-2350 & 33-2352) Originally OEM (Mahle) disposable paper filters
- Equal length exhaust header 5-1, w/ integrated catalytic converter
- Specific power: 75.6kW/l (101.4hp/l)
- Dry weight: 240kg

Getrag SMG III single-clutch 7 speed semi-automatic transmission
- Shifts gear in 65 milliseconds
- Downshift assist
- Hill holder
- Pseudo Automatic mode
3.985 (1st), 2.652 (2nd), 1.806 (3rd), 1.392 (4th), 1.159 (5th), 1.000 (6th) and 0.833 (7th); final drive ratio 3.620:1.

Variable M Differential
- using shear pump, viscous silicon fluid, and multi-disc clutch.

Miesterschaft GTC Stainless Steel Cat Back Exhaust System (Originally "Stock" M-Tech Performance Exhaust)
- Twin 70mm Catback System
- 4 x 90mm Tips
- Bimodal (with wireless remote): 4 x Mufflers, or 2 x Straight pipes!
"Think GT3 Carrera Cup Race Car, if not, LOUDER!" - Reaper.
Not convinced? Turn up your speakers and click here

M-Tech Performance Brakes
Four-wheel vented and cross-drilled brake discs with two-piece rotors, 2 pot calipers
Front: 374 x 36 mm
Rear: 370 x 24 mm
Automatic Brake Drying

All aluminium MacPherson strut front suspension
All aluminium multi-link rear suspension.
- Electronic Damper Control (Magnetic Damper control technology)
- Lowered Suspension (not sure what's there, need a closer look, about 1" lower than stock)
- 26.5 mm front and 18 mm rear anti-roll bars.

Dynamic Stability Control / Traction Control
Launch Control
Real time Tyre Pressure monitoring
Multimode Heads Up Display (Tacho, Nav, Cruise Control & Check Control Messages)
Electric M-Sports Seats with Active bolster support (also heated)
M-Sports Leather Steering Wheel
Electric Windows
Electric Sunroof
Electric Anti-glare side mirrors (auto dipping during reverse)
Electric Rear Sunblind
Electrochromatic auto dimming rearview mirror
Parking Sensors w/ Parking Distance Control
Cruise Control w/ Braking Function
Multizone HVAC
Keyless Entry/Central Locking
Electric Boot Release
Heated Windscreen with Rain Sensor
Rear side sunblinds
- dual front airbags
- front and rear side airbags
- full-length curtain airbags

Xenon HID Projector Headlamps with Angel Eyes and motorised washers

iDrive integrated vehicle operating system (6.5" Monitor)
- 2D/3D GPS Navigation
- Audio, FM/AM, CD (7 Stacker)
- Digital TV, DVD Player
- Factory Bluetooth
- Vehicle Status/Diagnostics
Premium 13 Speaker Harman Kardon Logic7 Audio with twin 8" Subwoofers
- Dension Gateway 500S (custom install)

Paint - Interlagos Blue Metallic (A30)
Leather Interior - Silverstone Grey (X3A9)
Fine Brushed Aluminium Trim

19" Factory BBS Wheels, semi gloss black Front: 19x8.5" (ET12) Rear: 19x9.5" (ET28)
Pirelli P-Zero Rubber, Front:255/40R19 Rear: 285/35R19

Currently pulling 14.3L per 100Km combined

Production Plant: Dingolfing, Southern Bavaria, Germany
Production Date: 2005-03-17

Odometer: 82,300km

Engine Oil: 10 liters Liqui Moly Race Tech GT1 10W60

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Addendum A: - Bosch 0 280 158 036 Fuel Injector Spec:

Addendum B: - Stock outputs (flywheel):

Latest reviews

Having the opportunity to not only photograph this masterful piece of German engineer at every angle, but also seeing and feeling first hand the split personality this car has, the definition of a "sleeper" does not even come close to describing the polar opposite states this car has, nor does it accurately portray the elegance and sophisticated state when in "normal" mode.

I have labeled this car; "The Time Machine"
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If I had to describe this car in one word it would be "Bipolar".

If you've got the car loaded with friends and or family and just wish to travel in comfort whilst also enjoying your journey this car will provide.

If you're by yourself or with more exciting friends and or family whilst in a "controlled environment" you have the ability to make the necessary adjustments at your fingertips allowing this vehicle to become, for lack of a better word, "unchained".

I'm a sucker for a 4 door saloon that can handle and perform like a 2 door sports car so this one ticks all the boxes.
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What advantages does this motor car have over say...a train? Which i could also afford?
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Interesting specs, what’s the bore and stroke, cam events @ 0.006”?
Well the injector rating is just 192cc x 10 is either massive pressure like direct injection, incorrect, or because it is about half that required to produce the claimed horsepower (using petrol) maybe like many DI setups now with one in port and the other in head.
ie stocko GenIV is 550cc x 8 so without a fair bit of magic injector tuning that low fuelling will **** the bed before that HP / duty.
What a beast!
Very nice bits, would be worth quite a bit all that mucking around!
I have reservations about stroke, cams, torque delivery, longevity / reliability.
Interesting comparison to LS3 w/FBOs, 25% heavier, 20% more fuel / displacement, 20% less torque, 25% smaller combustion chamber, 25% less stroke... is like a high revving HP only formula one engine in a car same size as Zeta.
What a beast!
Gearing and trans tricks obviously helps it off the mark though. Would require a bit of rowing like a ricer, I don’t think it would pull that well in-gear say 3rd from 20-100kph. Or tow more than a carbon bike and a tray of skinny latte!
Overall gobsmacking amazing effort, needs decent cams, stroke for the street. Only shame is to read that the lubrication issues can kill it less than 10k km, big end bearings.
What a beast!
So while definitely cool little buzzy formula one thing with great sound... big financial risk and over complicated vs LS3 w/FBOs. Like a Jag V12 or the NSX V10 in that regard, probably find a bargain around for obvious reasons.
In sum nice legs, shame about the face, as a keeper I’d buy one of the dozen or so crapped out ones on car sales and do an LS swap!
What a beast!
Yeah nah I understand about having docile manners and smooth takeoff. My trans is tuned to takeoff in second unless I plant it, has 2.92 diff. As a result the most important characteristic is off-idle slippery fluid coupling (TCC) and mild acceleration with cam fully retarded sometimes 4 cylinder mode. That’s like 50rwkw takeoff to 30rwkw at cruise!
Thanks for posting, given me a great insight as to the nature of the engine and why.
What a beast!
Yeah that’s what I did while it was out on bench overhauling lots might as well swap pistons, rods and add variable valve timing and ARP etc - 14:1 CR 6.1l high squish smallest chamber - 640 BHP.
All race engineered by top firm cost less than $10k. Quotes for your four cams alone are $2.5k same to fit! Stroker will be same, so reckon add $15-$20k to purchase price and you’re sweet as... a supercar (or a late model hot Commie)!
What a beast!
Very nice car The Stig.
I've always prefered BMW over Merc personally. Although, some of the later model AMG's are pretty cool. What's it like to drive around town? It sounds like it might be a bit peaky?
I went for a spin in a new M3 back around 2005. It was pretty cool for a N/A 6.

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