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/// The Stig's 2005 E60 M5

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  1. VT_sleeper
    "The Time Machine"
    Having the opportunity to not only photograph this masterful piece of German engineer at every angle, but also seeing and feeling first hand the split personality this car has, the definition of a "sleeper" does not even come close to describing the polar opposite states this car has, nor does it accurately portray the elegance and sophisticated state when in "normal" mode.

    I have labeled this car; "The Time Machine"
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  2. Terminal
    "The best of both worlds"
    If I had to describe this car in one word it would be "Bipolar".

    If you've got the car loaded with friends and or family and just wish to travel in comfort whilst also enjoying your journey this car will provide.

    If you're by yourself or with more exciting friends and or family whilst in a "controlled environment" you have the ability to make the necessary adjustments at your fingertips allowing this vehicle to become, for lack of a better word, "unchained".

    I'm a sucker for a 4 door saloon that can handle and perform like a 2 door sports car so this one ticks all the boxes.
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  3. Sabbath'
    "For the man with a monacle who wants a free spa."

    What advantages does this motor car have over say...a train? Which i could also afford?
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  4. Reaper
    "Not bad for a hairdressers car"
    Immaculately clean inside and out and obvious great workmanship went into every part, right down to the bending of the fire extinguisher bracket.
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    1. thestig
      As you mentioned our handy work on the custom fire extinguisher bracket I have , as a matter of course, uploaded an image of said installation to the image gallery. The entire assembly is easily removable in under a minute. For the most part it remains fitted to the vehicle as a visual indicator of impending doom to anyone in the passenger seat.
  5. 426Cuda
    "Here for a goodtime, not a long time?"
    Whats not to like? Turbo-like power and torque delivery from a N/A V10. An epic V10 symphony. Though, whether 5.0L of BMW, 8.4L of Dodge V10 or any V12. Nothing sounds like a V8.
    I was surprised to read of the lubrication issues and big end bearing failures after very low kilometres. But, it makes sense from such a highly strung high revving little motor, pushed near to it's limit in output. Plenty of Ferrari's suffer a similar fate. If it were a Holden, there would be riots in the streets and a linch mob. Yet, BMW retains its reputation. That's ok.
    Personally, I love it. An exec lounge, with a screaming lunatic hiding in the engine room. Freddie Kruger lurking, poised, eager to carve an M in your face.
    I've pondered many times about buying this very car. After reading the write up. I doubt I will. If I ever get the chance for a spin, I'll jump at it. But, for me, another one that stays on my list of hero's to admire from afar.
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    1. thestig
      In regard to the bearings, if you research further into the issue online, and by speaking to 3rd party BMW specialists, you will often find that premature failure can be traced back to the original owner not following a proper run in procedure, or the failure of subsequent owners to follow the proper engine warm up and/or oil change procedures.

      The bearing tolerances are very tight, if the oil isn't thin (warm) enough it can't penetrate and won't lubricate the bearings under extreme conditions and you very quickly end up in a failure state.

      The dozen or so examples on car sales have a wide price range generally due to kilometers traveled, the lower end of the range is widened due to fear of this issue. I drove eight examples during my search and I wouldn't have described any of them, except one, as "clapt out". That one obviously hadn't been looked after. I could see this well before I turned the key. I drove it more as a comparison, an experiment in what to look for than anything else.

      Being aware of, and educated on, this issue allows you to do a number of things;

      1) Discount a pre-existing problem at purchase by obtaining a used oil analysis report from Blackstone Labs prior to purchase.

      2) Take advantage of the lower pricing with confidence.

      3) Understand the need to maintain the car correctly with regular oil changes (12,500km) using quality oil of the correct grade, and the importance of proper execution of the engine warm up procedure without deviation or fail.

      4) Obtain further oil analysis reports from Blackstone (AU$50 each) to monitor the health of your engine and minimise the risk of a costly failure to levels much lower than your average engine.