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VF s2 Holden Ssv Redline MY16

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VF SSv Redline S2 A6 W407 Cam upgrade. Also had the 6L80E gearbox tuned to greatly improve shift feel.

Thank you Jc members for all the good advice.

The cars awesome to drive
With stock stall converter In Drive has no pushing and idles @ 650rpm

W407 camshaft
Manley dual valve springs
Roll master Single row timing chain kit
Custom tune
plugs (NGK TR6)
LS Rocker Trunnion upgrade kit
ARP balancer bolt
Powerbond OEM Replacement Balancer
Happy days
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A Perfect Blue example of the VE at it's zenith, the e85 AFM 6l SS-V fitted with Alcoa factory forged 19" alloys, and rear Brembos.
Judicious use of bling, low wide front, strong stance, hard to make the argument for VF1. Unless you are in need of more things that go bing.


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