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VS Acclaim V6 No supercharger or turbo or extra 2 cylinders or extra gear or extra pedal...

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OK, I lost in the divorce court but I got the Commodore. Have a look at that empty engine bay. Who isn't getting hard at the prospect of filling it will goodness? But... what kind of goodness? Once my priapism subsides I will be able to think more clearly. IMG_0796.JPG I have a 147,000 km L67 with a million gaskets and rubber hoses that need replacing. It's a 17 year old motor for heaven's sake. If it were a [fine whiskey], ok, 17 is good, but it's not a [fine whiskey], it's a mechanical gadget. And I'm looking at that engine bay like Michelangelo looked at the ceiling of the Sistene Chapel or that block of marble... I'm thinking of the potential. I have the full leather interior of a Calais, a 4L60E, the 3.07 LSD out of a VX, toe control links and IRS and a chassis that weighs less than 1500kg...
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"It's a 17 year old motor for heaven's sake. If it were a woman, ok, 17 is good, but it's not a woman"


Guess your motor and 17 year old 'woman' have a couple of things in common though...Neither can vote or drink...
"It's a 17 year old motor for heaven's sake. If it were a woman, ok, 17 is good, but it's not a woman"


Guess your motor and 17 year old 'woman' have a couple of things in common though...Neither can vote or drink...
I edited my post, I was a bit out of line ;-)
I've posted a couple of images of the corrosion around the lower inlet manifold where the coolant runs into it from the head and where an O ring seals against the supercharger. The thermostat housing, which is never serviced because you can't get to it, is being replaced, it's really that far gone. I guess all L67s have these issues by now. Little wonder people are throwing in a bit of extra cash for a newer and better supported LS motor.
I finished the inlet manifold gasket at the weekend and I have decided to bite the bullet. The Getrag 5 speed is going in together with the L67.
The back yard if full of parts. Two of everything (gearboxes, pedal boxes, looms, computers, tail shafts, consoles etc). It's like a kid's playground (if the kid is a grownup male). I'm going to replace the rear main seal before fitting up the Getrag. I'm tempted to skip the dowels but my obsessive streak might kick in before I do. The manual is supposed to have two dowels in the rear of the crankshaft that aren't there in the auto. Seems to be an easy job and I've got spare cranks to practice on. This weekend, the auto is coming out and going on eBay, so there will be no turning back.
The L67 and the getrag 5 speed are in. The wiring is done. The VT big brakes are done. Working on the console now.
L67 and manual box are in! It started first go with no problems! ... If only.

There were lots of problems, all of which were caused by me. Firstly, there was no fuel but that was due to me forgetting a connector under the dash. Once I'd identified that, the car still wouldn't start. It turned over but misfired terminally. I thought it might be the spark plug leads but I was absolutely certain I had connected them the right way around. Well, it turns out that the number one cylinder is on the passenger side. So, after switching leads and cranking it, it then fired up right away. Very happy.

It did have some trouble finding a comfortable idle speed for a few minutes and even stalled but I put that down to fuel trim because it ran fine on open loop. The ECU has one of those NVRAM chips in it. It seems have settled and be idling OK now.

The supercharger is making a rattling noise which I was kind of expecting. There was no oil in it when I got it, so probably had a bad seal and the last owner had almost certainly driven it without oil. I'll know for sure tonight when I get home and run the engine with the supercharger belt removed.

I put the car into gear and partially engaged the clutch. It moved under its own power for the first time in many months. The throw out bearing was really noisy. I knew that was going to happen too but was too tight to spring for a new bearing before I'd made sure the rest of the drivetrain was OK.

The rebuilt steering rack is magic! I can turn it lock to lock with a finger.

The car is trying it's best to be good it's just that I keep getting in its way.

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