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General Information

2002 VX SS.
Engine: Cammed 224 240 595 111 lunati bootleg cam, vcm polished otr.
Pacemaker extractors Hurricane exhaust.
Diff: Detroit trutrac with 3.9s.
Box: 6 speed manual hd clutch.
Brakes: vy pbr hsv calipers slotted 330mm discs up front.
290mm on the rear.
Interior: Custom leather/suade.
Audio: Kenwood 6" head unit.
Hurtz comp speakers on the doors powered by a pioneer 750 watt amp
Hurtz x2 12" 650 watt subs
Hurts 1500watt 5 channel amp
10" roof mount dvd player.


Thats a VERY tidy looking unit. I'm a bit hit and miss on fr-1's but its a big hit especially with those calipers and rotors setting things off with the gold paint. Also impressed with the panel gaps especially the front bumper clip. My bumper doesn't sit quite right. Going to get it fixed this year but the 2 panel beaters both said they couldn't guarantee a perfect fit. And the low looks awesome...too low for my daily but by gosh it looks crazy...job well done !!

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