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VY Series 2 Shanghai Red

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  • Hey! I'm a new member so I thought I'd post a little about one of my rides.
    WP_20160813_15_15_45_Pro.jpg The pics explain the story, but the description requires explaining...

    I originally purchased it in March 2004, as an ex-fleet demo VY S2 executive with 34k on it. During its younger years in my care, I'm afraid it was a quite neglected, with only essential maintenance carried out & little care given to it (170k with only2 major services, brakes, rear shocks and 3 batteries in 13 years). Due to a few minor accidents & criminal damage inflicted on it, it had almost every panel resprayed with a written unlimited lifetime warranty. After a few years the clear was peeling badly, so I called on the warranty. WP_20160411_08_19_04_Pro.jpg WP_20160411_08_19_37_Pro.jpg WP_20160422_13_21_05_Pro.jpg WP_20160422_13_21_34_Pro.jpg The repairer honoured the warranty & charged a bit extra to complete a full doors closed respray. WP_20160428_15_39_13_Pro.jpg WP_20160504_15_32_29_Pro.jpg Then the modifications started....
    WP_20160504_16_47_51_Pro.jpg WP_20160508_22_32_56_Pro.jpg WP_20160508_22_33_19_Pro.jpg WP_20160516_13_42_55_Pro.jpg I found a donor car with an L67 & performed the conversion on my driveway with a friend in around 10 hours. photos in part 2!
    18 months later, the car was running fine when it was "stolen" (long story) and written off.
    20180604_054736460_iOS.jpg 20180604_054821466_iOS.jpg My insurance paid out & I purchased the car back. I will continue the story in part 2!
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  1. Yomumma
    "Great Job!"

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  1. 55ams
    keen to here part 2 of the story whens the update coming??
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  2. SLugg
    bad luck on being wrecked mate , good luck in the future
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  3. mpower
    well this was quite the ride of ups and downs.
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  4. Kevin Christy
    Sorry guys, got busy building v2.0..... I'll start on a showcase for it now!