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02 sensor

  1. M

    Ve O2 sensor error

    Hi, At about 170,000km My 2008 VE started to get an 02 sensor errors every 3-4 days. I took it to a local mechanic who tested them and indicated that 2 of the 4 sensors needed replacement. They did the repair and replaced all 4 sensors, I payed about $150 per sensor (they are a long standing...
  2. Vy S SC

    Fuel Economy, 02 Sensor replacement. L67

    Hi guys, Currently my VY S Pack L67 is sitting around 17-19/100Km. This is all city driving with minimal highway driving. I believe this is pretty high for a V6, even though its supercharged. It has a Mace Cold air intake and is running a 10psi pulley. Plugs, Leads have been changed...
  3. Commo_Carl

    Code 13 - Oxygen Sensor (O2) - No Signal

    Long story short. About 2 months ago, got engine warning light come for 30 sec or so then went. (Knew it'd be nothing really bad as I've only just put a new motor in) Since then have put an A/F gauge in and have been able to see what exactly is going on with the mixture. As fuel...
  4. D

    VZ overheating problem, possible faulty O2 sensor?

    Hi, Last night was driving home from a mates place and noticed that the car was getting hot, it actually went up into the red and gave me an engine to hot warning from electronic dash display, so I stopped let it cool for five minutes, then when I restarted the car it was sitting on just above...