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12 volt socket

  1. M

    VXR 12v Power Socket Fuse

    I probably blew the fuse on the lighter socket when plugging a tyre compressor in yesterday. I've tried 2 compressors in the socket and neither work now. The socket was working previous to this and I know both compressors are working. I've looked at the manual and it clearly identifies the...
  2. T

    Cigarette Lighter, socket has power but lighter not working

    Hey all, So my VE SS has the VE smokers kit fitted which gives you an ashtray and a 12v / cig lighter down the bottom of your dash. the issue i have is, any 12v plug device i plug in works fine and has power with no issues. but the actual cigarette lighter itself doesnt stay in when i...
  3. P

    Wiring Sat Nav cable through dash on VX Berlina 2003

    Hi, This is my first post here so hopefully it is in the right place and sorry it if is not. I have just purchased a GPS system for my VX Berlina Series II and want to mount it without having the cable just hanging across the dash as it just looks plain ugly. Does anyone know how to wire...
  4. H

    12 volt sockets

    Hi Guys I have a VE Calais V Does anyone know if there is any wiring somwhere around the dash to put another 12 volt socket in. The one in the arm rest glove box is too far to use a gps system. Also is the wiring in the boot still there even tho the boot plug was not optioned. Thanks