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  1. A

    VFII Boot battery change with 12V power outlet

    Hi Guys/Girls, I have a VFII SSV Redline and attempting a simple job of replacing battery. All good except had a 12V outlet fitted as a dealer option. I can not workout how to unmount the socket from the bracket so I can remove the panel that covered the battery. I've checked out the install...
  2. Gaiter

    VZ Armrest 12v Socket

    This was kind of answered here: cigarette-lighter-power-acc-not-workingl But I just wanted a more concrete answer if anyone knows. Is the cigarette lighter / 12v socket under the armrest in the centre console of a VZ a live or switched socket? i.e. does it have power constantly or...
  3. M

    A-Pillar mount wiring, how to on the SV6 Series 2

    I found online a mounting kit for the tomtom (anything for that matter) which can go on the A-pillar. I dont want to have a power cable draped anywhere, and was wondering what wiring I would find under the drivers side A-pillar? I don't have the smokers pack, but is there a plug for a...
  4. Raremetal

    10v interior light?

    Hey guys. So, I was upgrading all my lights on my VR, so I through while I was at it I would upgrade the interior lights as well. So I got x2 blue LED 12v bulbs for inside, and I gets them in the mail and I take out the old one and put in the new one, and nothing happens? So I have a look...
  5. U

    Running 12v to centre console in VT

    I am looking to run 12v (cigarette lighter) to my centre console so I can charge my phone in there. What is the best place to tap the power from and the best place to run the wiring. Cheers