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  1. VRtoVStoVX

    Hi, first post. I'm trying to identify a wheel.

    First off, I've had Google send me here plenty of times for all kinds of questions relating to my cars and I've always found an easy to follow text or video guide showing someone who's not too great with cars like me exactly what I needed to do to fix the problem I was having. Just searching...
  2. damankerrison09

    [SA] 4x Interceptors with Centre Caps

    ITEM: I have 4 15" Interceptors with centre caps for sale LOCATION: Adelaide SA CONDITION: Used, They are not dented or anything in good condition could probably use a clean up, been sitting around for a while. No huge scratchs that the centre caps won't cover up. The tyres are all...
  3. F

    [VIC] 4 15" Stockies with %95 tires

    [SOLD] 4x15" Stockies SOLD, to the man in the hat. ITEM: 4 15" stock rims and tires off a VS, will fit VB-VZ. LOCATION: Cloverlea, VIC. CONDITION: Used, good condition. Tires have %95 tread on them still. PRICE: $200. Will split if you can find a buyer for the remaining. IE; You want two...