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17 inch

  1. ThatWhiteVS

    LWT 17x7.5 Alloy Wheels

    Hi all, I have one alloy wheel off a car I wrecked a while back. It is a LWT brand wheel in the size of 17x7.5. Just looking for more info or if someone wants it. cheers
  2. L

    17 inch wheels for VE CalaisV 2010

    Any advice tips or knowledge would be choice. I bought on gumtree 16inch wheels from an Omega VE which the seller reassured me would fit my car. So under the impression it would be sweet on my MY10 VE CalaisV I brought them home and tried to fit them on that evening only to stupidly find out...

    VS 17Inch + lowered. What to do first?

    Hey all, tried to find this info before but couldnt see a good answer. Within the next 2months I'll be lowering and getting 17's on my VS. I was just wondering what I should get done first and if it will have any effect? lowering will be cheaper so i thought id do that first, but i was...