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17" wheels

  1. Mattde

    [NSW] VX PARTS, SUBS, 17" CHROMIES. Make an offer!

    Clearing out my spare parts, really just want these gone so make a reasonable offer and come get this stuff out of my way! ITEM: Stock Vx Tail lights. bit of wear and tear, think one of the clips is missing LOCATION: 2214 - Bankstown area CONDITION: Used PRICE: Make an offer...
  2. JoeFish

    [QLD] [WTB] 17" or 18" rims to go on 98 VT

    ITEM: 17" rims or wheels. I want a pair for my VT LOCATION: Sunshine Coast CONDITION: New or Used (but in Good condition) DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: I would like it to come from around here (South-East QLD) OR North QLD (I am driving up there soon) PAYMENT OPTIONS: Internet Bank...