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18 inch rims


    [QLD] Whitewalls cleaning? (pic)

    Hey guys, Recently got my whitewalls done and was curious to anyone else that has them, what do you use to clean yours and how often do you clean them? The guys at 'Mr. Whitewalls' have done an amazing job on mine and gave me some of their own spray to use and i use it once every 2 days to...
  2. JAKE-26

    [VIC] Eoi- Swap 17" SV6 rims for 18" rims, prefer holdens

    ITEM: Vz SV6 17" rims and tyres for trade LOCATION: Croydon Hills, Melbourne eastern suburbs DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Whatever PAYMENT OPTIONS: Swap plus possible cash your way CONTACT DETAILS: PM, Thread OTHER INFO: Gday all. I've got a set of Vz sv6 17's and I feel like...

    VT-S Pack with VZ HSV CV8 18s?

    Hey Guys, Got an offer of some VZ (HSV/Monaro) CV8 18inch rims and tyres for dirt cheap, was just wondering what your guys opinions are on putting it on my bermuda blue VT-S Pack? Tried a few photoshops with images i could find on the web and didnt come out great sadly. So yeah...