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  1. X

    [VIC] WTB: PDW HB-R 18" Rim

    DESCRIPTION: Want to buy ITEM: PDW HB-R 18*8 Rim LOCATION: Bendigo, Victoria CONDITION: New/used, I don't mind. DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Happy to pay for shipping if the price is right, and if around Melbourne area would possibly travel PAYMENT OPTIONS: Bank Transfer...
  2. Shorty33

    Westlake tyres on a VE ?

    The distributor of Westlake tyres (made in China) is making a push into Darwin, and had a stand at the local Camping & Caravan Show. He gave me the following prices - 245-45-18 for $195 each 225-60-16 for $145 each. I'm using 16-inch rims with the usual Bridgestones, and I'm happy enough...
  3. R

    [VIC] SSz 18" wheels, Pedders springs (lowest legal), redback catback exhaust 2.5" for sale

    hey everyone, for sale i have some SSz GENUINE rims with tyres, a used set of Pedders Lowest legal springs (currently on a V6 VY S II, and a Used catback 2.5" redback exhaust for a v6 VT/VX/VY for sale. for details and pics refer below. ITEM: SSz genuine rims with tyres. will probably...
  4. B

    [VIC] WTB: SSZ/CV8 18" Wheels

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: SSZ/CV8 18" Wheels with tyres (see picture) LOCATION: VIC Gippsland CONDITION: New or Used but in good condition. PRICE: Negotiable DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Happy to travel anywhere in Victoria to pick up, may organize courier if needed for...
  5. T

    VZ stud pattern - will these rims fit?

    hey guys, just wondering if these specs make sense to any of you. i dont know alot about the stud patterns and off sets. but these are the rims i am potentially thinking about buying. just need to know if they will fit a VZ ute. cheers, Wheels: XHP Jet series, chrome, 18x7.5" size, 5/100...
  6. T

    [SA] WTB - 18" or 19" Chrome Rims to suit VZ ute

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: ideally, looking for a set of 18" or 19" XHP Jet Rims in Chrome LOCATION: SA - Eyre Peninsula CONDITION: New or Used, not too fussed. second hand doesnt bother me as long as they are in good condition. DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: will pay for...
  7. mark_1000

    [SA] 18" ROH Wheels

    ITEM: 18" ROH Silver Wheels LOCATION: SA, South CONDITION: Used PRICE: SOLD DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick Up Only PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash, Direct Deposit, Funds Transfer or Paypal CONTACT DETAILS: PM OTHER INFO: 4 Rims in total. 2 in reasonable condition, 2 with pretty bad gutter rash...
  8. V

    wheels for a ve omega

    hey guys. first post here, just wondering about new wheels for my omega i have just bought, it just has the 16 inch stockys on it, i was looking at some 18"s but the blokes at bob jane and the tyre factory think that 20"s are the way to go for a ve. what are your thoughts on this? they also said...
  9. H

    18" mags selling info

    Iv got a set of 18" mags dunno what brand, there in ok condition all the tyres are bald its gonna cost me to much to get new tyres so just wondering if any one knows how much there worth cheers.
  10. S

    [VIC] wtb: vy ss 18" rims

    gday guys how are ya? im pretty new to this site and keen to get a set of 18" vy ss rims on my vt commodore:D anyways i live in melb and am willing to travel and pay cash to get my hands on some. so let me know guys cheers