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  1. J

    Legal lowest I can go on front S3 vs ute

    Hey guys I've just been given a set of lenso d1's 18 inch from my brother I'm wanting to put them on my Ute but don't know how low I can go without them scrubbing my guards they are 235/40. I'm ok with guards being pumped/rolled and will Get spacers if needed. Any help would be great cheers.
  2. S

    VE SS rims won't fit on my VS

    Gday there, I have a VS Commodore and have just bought a set of 18" VE SS rims with 245/45 Achilles tyres. They won't fit under the suspension and I was wondering if anyone can tell me whether smaller tyres will fit or anything else and also the general dimensions of the rim and the offset...
  3. Vy S SC

    "bore" VE SS rims to fit VY.

    Hi guys, i was speaking to a member earlier about the install of VE rims on to the VY. Obviously you have to bore the centre of the rims. A local shop is charging $50 per rim. A bit steep i think. Im in Wollongong, and am prepared to travel to Sydney if anyone know where its done cheaper, but no...
  4. D

    [NSW] holden 18inch ssw wheels and tyres 90% tread

    OTHER INFO: If you nêed more info on anything do reply on here or PM,