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  1. S

    VE front shocks on VS???

    Gday there I have a VS and bought a set of VE Series 1 18s to fit on there. I know I have to get the hubs machined but I've also got the issue that the 245/45s on there won't fit under the stock shocks. Can I fit the VE front shocks or do they have a different mounting setup coz I really don't...
  2. VN-855

    [VIC] 18 inch internationals ?

    hey all im after the VT internationals but in the 18 inch version. anyone got any ideas on which company/brand make em. anyone know who might have em or able to order them ? or even better if anyones got em for sale !... preferably in Victoria :P
  3. dmar


    Figured after hanging around here randomly for the past 2 years or so, i should post a thread if only to help people considering black on black or anything to do with my setup vz commodore executive 18 inch monza wheels ssl kings front sl kings back solartint %30 (i think, whatevers legal) lion...
  4. A

    vy acclaim just got it lowered

    vyII acclaim lowered with ultra lows on 18s - rear camber(4) fitted tell me what u think ill get better pics with better camera soon im planning on painting the calipers red and throwing on a twin exhaust tip for now. good idea/bad idea?