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  1. SnowDoggyDogg

    [QLD] QLD: SOLD...4 x VE Series 2 SSV 19" rims for sale

    ITEM: 4 x 19" VE Series 2 SSV rims without rubber. All in very good condition except for one that has a 10 cm gutter rash on the lip. Was told it is a $125 job to return to glory so this has been factored into price. Added pics brlow of the lot and a few close ups of the odd man out...
  2. H

    [SA] For Sale or Swap: Genuine 19" VE SSV Wheel with brand new tyres $1200

    ITEM: Genuine 19" VE SSV Wheels with brand new tyres. LOCATION: Adelaide, South Australia, 5034 CONDITION: Used with very minor gutter rash (Tyres have done less than 1000kms, rims taken off car at 30,000kms). PRICE: $1200 or swap. DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pickup preffered...
  3. H

    [SA] WTB OR SWAP: 20" Supersport wheels with tyres.

    ITEM: I am looking to buy 20 Supersports with tyres to suit a VE. I currently have genuine 19" VE SSV Wheels with new tyres for sale or swap. LOCATION: South Australia, Adelaide CONDITION: Used PRICE: Sell VE SSV rims and tyres for $1700, or swap for 20" Supersport with cash your way...
  4. V

    [VIC] WTB 19" Senator Signature Rim

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: Looking to get a single Senator Sig 19" Genuine rim, if you have a pair would also be interested LOCATION: Vic CONDITION: Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will pick up if in Vic but if out-of-state and the price is right can arrange shipping...
  5. P

    19" Rims rubbing on inner(shock absorber) guard

    Hi Guys, I have a problem with my stock Holden Commodore VY Executive S2 2004. 2 years ago I put 19 x 8.5" rims (245/35/19) on the car with no problem. But now the inner of the front drivers side tyre is worn and has fomed a small flat spot and worn to the canvas. When I took off the drivers...
  6. elbow31

    [SA] 19" Genuine Signatures looking to trade for something of interest

    ITEM: Genuine HSV Signatures LOCATION: Adelaide, Brighton CONDITION: Used, few scratches from previous owner, tyres about 40 - 50%, 1 has camber wear PRICE: $1800 or will swap for some aftermarket 20", Verde Madonnas or other hsv + cash my way. Let me know what you have DELIVERY/PICK...