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  1. R

    304 checking for spark

    Hey all checked for spark today, so far cylinder 1 and 2 no signs of spark may try the other cylinders but does anyone know how to check it at the coil? Does distributor need to be removed and stick a plug in and ground it? Thanks Car is a 98 ss 5L
  2. I

    T5 conversion

    Hey guys I have a 1997 vt clubsport 5ltr 195i auto and was wonding if you can put a t5 manual gearbox in ? I can get a getrag conversion kit for the clubby but I've been told the t5 is better and stronger, if i was going to go a t5 ehat do i need todo in order to out a t5 in ?
  3. B

    VT SS 304 only firing on one bank

    Can someone pls help me , I have a 98 vt SS HBD 195i . The car ran fine but then was parked for a while (month or 2) once driven again it started to lose power and misfire badly , could put foot down and go almost nowhere . So cleaned fuel tank , replaced fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel injectors...
  4. V

    vt clubby 195i

    vt clubsport 195i 5 speed manual standard tints lowered ssl kings front an back standard 17 inch rimz sound system pacemaker headers twin 2 1/2 inch exhaust in to single k&n filter pretty much stock at the mo.... getting new wheels 2morow hopefully
  5. V

    195i dizzy issues

    mate is putting a 195i into his vs ss now the dizzy connections are different on the 195i to the original engine..anyone have an idea on how to change it with out gettin a new distributor? need help asap as im still putting engine in now THANKS GUYS