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  1. J

    86 vl auto trans problems??

    hey, i know the vl's will not go in to over drive (eco mode) when it is cold but mine seams to, but when it warms up its stuck in eco mode and will not kick down when i put my foot down a bit for over taking or what ever, i have to manually come down to 2nd and the motor is screaming its tits...
  2. vldriver

    need HELP asap

    hi mate i have a problem, i was driving my VL around and i seen white smoke come from underneath the bonnet so i pulled over and popped the bonnet and there was a cloud of smoke on the left side of the engine around the extractors and rocket cover areas, i had a look around and notice oil on...
  3. C

    VL calais rocker removal and polishing

    hey could anyone explain how to remove the rocker on a VL calais... i am planning to strip the remaining paint off and polish it up. What is the best way to do this? i need a hand, can anyone help?