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  1. I

    Sub & Amp Install Holden Commodore Executive VN 1990 3.8L Manual

    My first post, used this site for years it's always helped me out first time I've needed to post a thread. I'm coming to the end of my project car Holden Commodore Exec VN '90 3.8L Manual, I've eventually installed the new head unit and speakers, but now I have to wire up the Amp/Sub to get...
  2. H

    Exhaust sound

    hey guys, i have a 1990 vn commodore and i get my p's in 8 weeks and want it to sound like a v8 or at least loud and deep by the time i get my p's, but dont have heaps to spend. whats the easiest way of going about this? mates have told me to get a cannon but i dont think they suit commodores...
  3. HSV.006

    VQ stato with 5000i engine!!

    Car - VQ statesman series 1 born in 1990 Engine - 5L hsv red motor (5000i) Exhaust - HSV extractors, twin 2.5",2 gutted cats, muffler on each pipe, into one hotdog resinator and out the back Mods - HSV front brakes Leather interior HSV steering wheel Lower springs at the moment just a...
  4. markER717

    VN Calais 5 Speed - Slammed on Sigz, Big Sound System, Pearl Paintjob!

    This is my first car, a Imperial Blue 1990 VN Calais. I really love the car and I have big plans for her, so its just a matter of time and money before I can take this car to its full potential. Heres what I've done so far: Model: VN Calais Year: 1990 Colour: Imperial Blue with Green Pearl...