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  1. V

    Vp questions need answers PLZ OR HELP!!!

    I recently bought a 1992 vp Berlina lx wagon and the LCD displays are stuffed I have A spare VR Berlina cluster and was wondering if I could switch just the LCD display section
  2. I

    What Series is my VP Berlina?

    Im unsure what series my VP berlina is can anyone help me out here? Its a 1992 V6 3.8 VP Berlina is it a series 1 or is it a series 2? Ive read alot of threads some say series 1 some say series 2 is the an easier way to find out? Appreciate the help peeps.:help::help::help::help:
  3. S

    VQ Statesman Cheap Mods

    Just wondering, any suggestions of cheap or affordable mods to make the VQ V8 perform or look better. Cheers
  4. camstatic

    VP Commodore / No Thermo without aircon - ECU Reading temp fine...

    Hey guys I've been searching around for a couple of days now but I can't find any info on what I'm experiencing here... Any help would be hugely appreciated! Ok we have a 92 VP Commodore, Automatic V6 Executive (with factory cruise control for what it's worth). The other night I noticed my...
  5. M

    not sure vp computer

    my batery has gone flat in my 1992 vp commodre berlina, i was wondering if it has a computer in it, that needs to be reset when i put in a new batery, i no the calais does but wat about the berlina thanx