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  1. sundaydriver

    Pan (fuel/drip?) between block and carby - necessary?

    Recently acquired an all-original '83 Vacationer wagon (3.3 straight 6) from my grandfather. Garaged for the last 20+ years. Done <50K kms. Minimal work/maintenance done. First thing I noticed was a vacuum leak. Found the spot (using some carb-cleaner spray) around the base of the carby, in...
  2. J

    VP doesn't start hot

    Hi guys, I have a 93 VP Holden Ute 3.8 litre. I'm having trouble with it not start after I've taken it for a drive, and sometimes it feels like it's chocking when I take off, it'll start only if I leave it for a night though to cool down. I just replaced the fuel pressure regulator, it also has...
  3. V

    VR Acclaim trouble starting

    Hey well my sisters VR Acclaim's been doing something weird lately, when you turn the key the lights on the dash all come on and you get that really quiet initial sound from the engine bay but the car wont turn over. Any ideas why this may be? Also the lights on the dash stay on untill it...
  4. V

    Auto to manual trany conversion cost?

    Hi, im betting this gets asked all the time here i looked for a present thread but couldnt find one, soz if im askin in the wrong spot. But i was wonderin if anyone knows how much it might cozt me to have a 1993 VR Acclaim 3.8V6 Auto converted to a manual? Id probs have it done by a transmission...
  5. M

    What Can I Do With My VR

    New Here. Im Almost Paid Off To A Friend For My 93' VR Commodore Aclaim Sedan. It's In Stock Condition and Im On My P's Wondering What Reccomendations Can be made or any hints or tips. First Car and growing up with mum havent had that much experience under the hood besides working at a tyre...