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  1. nekzuu

    Holden VR won't start!!!

    Hey guys, This is my first post to the forums and before I do so, I'd just like to say hey hey :D Anyway back to the point, I've recently picked up a '94 Holden VR Exec which wouldn't start due to the fact no fuel was travelling through the lines to the engine, and after a bit of digging...

    WTB VR Calais

    Im wanting to buy a 1994 vr. The paint and body work has to be decent. Doesn't have to have a motor Can be a rolling shell.
  3. V

    trouble starting 1994 VR

    Yesterday I was driving my VR commodore and it was running fine. today I try to start it and nothing happened. The engine wouldn't even turn over, there was just a single 'click 'and that was it. It has a brand new batter as well. Any advice would be great. Cheers
  4. S

    1994 VR Commodore S Pack

    Hi all my name is Spanny. I'm new here, I'm buying a car off my Aunty, it's been in the family for 14 years, it's a 1994 VR Commodore S Pack and I need to get a few things done to pass a RWC, but I need to get an ABS Module and a Speed Sensor on the gearbox replaced for the ABS or something like...
  5. L

    VR may have died - any idea what it could be?

    Ok, I was driving along and I kinda heard/felt a 'thump' and then it literally rolled to a stop - hasn't fired since. It turns over ok, no nasty noises, just won't start. A bit of history: this is an 'old' VR - the clock stopped at about 285ks about 4 years ago... i did a computer fault...
  6. H

    What should i do to my 1994 vr executive?

    I have a white 1994 vr exec. i was just after some help in what i should do to it to dress it up a bit. should i put a body kit on it or should i just lower it? i have put on those 19' pdw wheels on it also
  7. 9

    VR Executive Series 1 V6 Auto advice

    Hey all, just joined to finally ask a few questions I can't seem to find answers to. I'm picking up a 94 VR Executive in about a week (:surprise:), it's the v6 auto model. It's got extractors, custom exhaust system, and I think it's been lowered; but the previous owned put this horrible fake...
  8. J

    Replacing a WINDING window

    Hi guys, Recently some mother effer randomly smashed my drivers window in. I've bought myself a new one and gave it a shot at replacing it but i've run into a brick all and there is knacker all help out there for VR's with winding windows. It seems the whole forum world only cares about...
  9. B

    Custom Memcal of slightly modified VR

    Hey does anyone know someone or someone on this sight do custom memcals for a manual Vr with bluetop injectors, 9mm leads, quad electrode sparky's a 2 1/2" cat back. Im lookin for a memcal tune that will give me more explosive acceleration. Thanks to anyone that can help
  10. Zarconia

    Headlights Not Working

    Gday fellas i have a 94 VR exec and am having problems with my headlights. Now they turn on but not all the way, like they go into park but do not fully turn on. High beam works fine. I was on my way to work a few weeks ago while it was raining and noticed my wiper blades were going spastic, had...
  11. AlexR

    94 S ute

    G'day all, Young bloke here, 2 years off from getting L's (hahaha), But have had a bit of driving experience, learnt to drive at 12-13ish in a 5spd excel, bit of experience in the ute (auto fail 4spd yes I would've liked the 5spd better :P). (Learnt to drive on private property). Without...
  12. C

    My 94 vr exec

    Name: James Model: 1994 VR exec Colour: dark red Bodykit: none Exterior Mods: some debadging Engine Type: V6 Buick 3.8 Engine Mods: K & N pod Filter Exhaust: 2.5 cat back exhaust Gearbox: Manual :) Diff: single spinner Brakes: stock Suspension: Superlow king springs Wheels/Tyres...
  13. V

    Blow of Valve on a NA with shift kit

    Hello, i have a VR commodore V6 auto, no turbo, no supercharger thanks to the stupid new laws. I am looking at getting a stage 2 or 3 shift kit which would be better?. also theres a person in my town that has a VY with no turbo or supercharger but has a blow of valve, he told me it works of the...
  14. S

    [QLD] 1994 VR Commodore $1,900

    Sold sold sold :)