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1995 vr

  1. All style

    1995 VR Acclaim ( lights in dash )

    hey guys i was just wondoring the stock white lights behind dials on dash im going to change what light size will fit in there the t5 ? or t10 i have brought a pack of t5s but if i take a part to see if they fit i wont be able to drive to shop to get more so i need to know what size and how...
  2. All style

    Where can i get a body kit for my stock 1995 VR ACCLAIM

    Where can i find a place in Brisbane ( sourounding areas ) and walk in bye a body kit for my 1995 VR ACCLAIM ???? i have looked like 10 places on the net and all of it crap, or if anywon has a site they can recomend to me that would be grate thanks...
  3. All style

    what can i do to my VR Acclaim ?

    I just wanted to know what can i do to my VR ACCLAIM 1995 ( Power wise) that will not interfear with my p plate regulations. (i have done plugs, leads and k&n panal filter what elce can i do ?? thanks