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  1. J

    95 Vs ecotec engine swap

    Hey guys just another post about swapping out my 3.8 and trans. I pulled out the motor and box in the shed a few weeks ago, and ive got myself a parts car now so im ready to rip this one out and chuck it in my good car. So im wanting to take motor, trans and also the lsd diff, and ive been told...
  2. T

    Bit of a different question! Vs fuel tanks/lines.

    Hey guys got a bit of a little problem with the old 1995 vs v6, took it upto the servo and pumped about $90 of premium 98 in the tank no dramas (first time actually filling the thing up the whole way) , screwed the fuel cap on and heard a bit of a dripping noise, looked under the car and to my...
  3. M

    95 VS Commodore

    Hey Guys, Got stuck on a dirt road recently, had a few heavy bumps on it, so had to get a slight run up (30km's) on some as the car became bogged at lower speed. Hitting some of the larger ones sounded bad, but had no choice, not spending a night in that area & had to get the family home...
  4. Jaffa

    1995 VS Executive

    1995 Executive VS V6 Commodore currently metallic orange with silver accents on the front, rear and skirts. What I am getting done to it soon... EXTERIOR: Respray same colour (orange) but not metallic with black on the front, rear, skirts, mirrors and spoiler (will be doing that myself as...
  5. moocow

    dash and button light led replacements

    hey guys c: I have a vs berlina and I'm working on changing all the dash lights to blue LED's. I know how to change the ones behind the gauge cluster but I have no idea how to do things like the climate control, buttons and the LCD's under the speedo etc any help/suggestions?
  6. A

    My 1995 VS calais

    whats up guys, finally getting this thing active and getting my car up on here for you guys to see so give me your compliments, insults & questions (sorry about picture quality, one is from the ad that i got the car from the rest taken from my stupid blackberry, ill post better ones soon!)...
  7. PorkoWog

    [NSW] 1995 Holden Commodore VS Acclaim

    ITEM: 1995 Holden Commodore VS Acclaim PRICE: $1,750 (negotiable) LOCATION: Sydney, NSW YEAR: April 1995 SERIES: VS BADGE: Acclaim ENGINE: 3.8L ECOTEC 3800 V6 TRANSMISSION: Automatic COLOUR: Red EXTERIOR CONDITION: Original red areas of the car are in decent condition, however due to...
  8. All style

    How do i put a cold air induction kit in my 95 vr acclaim ??????

    I am thinking of bying a cold air induction kit for my 95 VR ACCLAIM its got to big mods ( in engien ) all i have done to it is plugs and leads k&n pannal filter, so i asked some 1 elce what i could do and he told me a cold air induction kit is the best way, from a vs so i have hade i look at a...
  9. F

    95 VR Calais - speedo/ dashboard light problem light problem

    Hi everyone and thanks in advance for your advice I have recently picked up the 95 Vr Calais, it a part time project, and my current everyday car. The problem i have was is no instrument lights, originally it was no parking lights as well but i checked the A/Market stereo wiring they came...
  10. G

    MY VS STATESMAN 5L - just purchased! comments please

    Hi, I previously owned a VN SS which was in need of alot of work, and I am too busy for all that so I ended up deciding on something a little newer and classier, and the Statesman is the goods. 1995 VS statesman Auto 5 Litre V8 - my first ever statesman - has cold air induction - K & N...
  11. Woggster

    [NSW] VS/VR Commodore Parts!!

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEMS: 1) VS Commodore LSD Diff "dog tag" (Don't ask... it's a long story lol) 2) VS Commodore V6 Ecotec engine cover - Standard "silver/grey" colour in MINTcondition 3) Cover for a VS Commodore passenger airbag (The airbag isnt the problem, the part that...
  12. Kurtp

    Silver V6 VR Project

    This is my new VR, looking to do a lot on it, already put heaps of work into it. This thing was horrid when i got it. Disgusting interior, completely dirty, obviously treated like ****. On the plus side it was a reco motor only 7 months ago, barely done anything since then. The car came with a...