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  1. C

    1997 vs acclaim series 2 mods

    Hello i got myself a cheap series 2 vs acclaim v6 and im wondering if anybody would have some ideas or any do's and dont's in reguards to me wanting to try get 600+HP out of it, I want to know where to start, what to buy, a rough estimate of cost, and basically if it would be worth it at the...
  2. G

    LPG backfire issue

    Hey i started my car on LPG by mistake today and it backfired, running on petrol it was nearly stalling and running very rough, i got it home, checked the MAF and vacuume lines, MAF is fine, only problem i found is the vacuume line under my throttle body was disconnected. Since reconnecting it...
  3. trav27

    Vt commodore window/tail brake light issues

    Hi, i couldn't find a thread on this. And i just wanted to get some opinions on what the cause might be before i go to an auto electrician, just so i don't get ripped off. Anyway the brake lights all work fine when the park/headlights are turned off, but when they're turned on the window...
  4. N

    FRONT WHEEL Brake NOISE - me and my mechanic cant find source of noise. help???????

    my 97 vs has been making this noise for quite some time. it is coming from the front wheels on both sides i have had the rotors machined, brake pads replaced. all this checked by a trusty mechanic. me and my mechanic have been trying to find the cause of the noise but he couldn't find it. it...
  5. 09WNS

    09WNS's 1997 VT Executive sedan

    Model: 1997 VT Executive sedan Colour: Orion Bodykit: none atm Engine Type: V6 Engine Mods: none atm Power: stock Exhaust: stock Gearbox: auto Diff: stock Brakes: stock Suspension: stock i know of Wheels/Tyres: stock rims, and mixed tyres atm Interior: stock Other Mods: VZ...
  6. xXAussieXx

    My VS Commodore

    Heyy Guyss, Name: Chris My Age: 17 Model: 1997 VS Holden Commodore Acclaim Series 2 Colour: White Kilometers: 180,000 Engine Type: 3.8 Litre Ecotec Engine Mods: K&N High Flow Air Filter Power: 145kW stock but not sure now Exhaust: 2.5 inch twin Exhaust with straight through pipe Gearbox: 4...
  7. S

    [NSW] [Coffs Harbour] 1997 VS Commodore

    [Coffs Harbour] 1997 VS Commodore series II ******* LOTS MORE PHOTOS AVAILABLE HERE ******* PRICE: $3,999 o.n.o. ITEM: 1997 Holden Commodore VS series II (Sedan) LOCATION: NSW - Coffs Harbour YEAR/SERIES: 1997 VS series II EXECUTIVE ENGINE: V6 3.8L TRANSMISSION...