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  1. A

    VT Commodore Stalling & Sieging

    Hey all , I’ve got a VT Commodore (1998) everything on it is still origininal from its built date. I’ve been having problems with it stalling, feeling like it’s got a loss of power and it’s sieging. I’ve taken it to my local mechanic and he’s cleaned out my throttle body so far but when he did...
  2. J_Caprice

    Jordy's Vs Series 3 Caprice - Build Thread

    Hey guys, been using these forums for years (even since before my account was made) but have never posted anything until now. Thought id throw up a bit of an overview of my weekender as you don't see to many clean ones anymore. I've had the car for about 2 years so have a few things to cover and...
  3. D

    Cleaning Vt 1998 eco tec v6

    Hi all, I have a few questions to ask, I bought a VT 1998 v6 ecotec a few months ago, Yesterday i removed the engine cover and there was a lot of caked on oil or something like that under the metal box thingy lol still learning about engine areas , my question is is that normal? or can...
  4. V

    [NSW] 1998 VT Calais V6 quick sale

    EDIT: Price DROP! Hey Guys, I've been meaning to sell this thing for a month now, and just like high school I've left it to the last minute. I bought this thing second hand almost 2 years ago and have done a bit to improve it since then. ITEM: 1998 VT Calais V6 Auto in Purple PRICE: $2500...
  5. warples

    VS Series 2 engine rattle?

    Hi everyone, first time on the site and posting. First of all this forum seems to have absolutely everything and am happy to be registered. The problem i have is with a rattle in the engine of my Ute, i first thought it may have been a pulley rattling so i removed the serpentine belt...
  6. elldeepe

    First Car - VT Executive

    Hey guys just recently bought my first car and am currently working on making it a nice tidy daily driver. Model: 1998 Vt Executive Colour: White Bodykit: Wing fitted, Bodykit Stock Engine: 3.8L Ecotec V6 Engine Mods: Swaybar Exhaust: Twin 2.5" XFORCE Exhaust Gearbox: Auto Brakes: Standard...
  7. B

    Cold/Moist Start Problem and Radiator Fan

    Here's a question: in winter and/or wet condtiions (so probably just cool weather) my VS Ute has trouble starting for a while. I turn the key and instead of the engine starting the radiator fan goes flat out and until it stops running the engine won't start - it turns over but if i keep trying...
  8. V

    My vt commodore :)

    hey guys this is my 1998 vt commodore. It is all pretty much stock apart from a few things. i am getting 18" put on it on thursday which should make it look abit better. i plan on doing a whole heap of stuff to it like putting a kit on it , changing the interioretc but that wont be till...
  9. luvaofcarz

    What diff does a Series 1, 1998 VT S pack have?

    Hey Guys, I am just wondering what diff is in my Series 1, VT S pack. I am interested in changing it and am just wondering whether: 1) it is worth changing the diff gears 2) whether or not my diff is the IRS or the LSD as well. Is there any way I can tell? Thanks.
  10. O

    Vt Silver Tailgate Wanted

    hi im new to forums, so sorry if this is in the wrong place but im after a 1998 wagon tailgate, preferably in silver for my mums car. she was doing us a favor and bust up the tailgate and id like to replace it for xmas. can pick up, I live in port stephens/Newcastle area. Thanks
  11. C

    How to convert a 3 seater vs ute into a 2 seater

    does anyone no if you can move the hand brake from the right handside of the driver, to the middle. and if the centre console, c'd and air/con panel wil fit in and will it all bolt up in place???????????? cheers, crozzo