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  1. Trissos96

    Draining the fuel

    Hey guys, I’ve got a 1999 VS commodore Ute. And have recently learnt from the auto sparky that my fuel gauge sender is buggered. So at the moment I have no way to tell how much fuels in the old girl. And I know I have to have little fuel so I can remove the sender. My question is. Is there an...
  2. D

    Vt wont start/run with indicator fuse in...?

    So i did a shotty swap and ended up with this 1999 vt s2 v6 auto as part of deal. So all was well until i lost license and let it sit for a few months.. I replaced battery thinking it was the reason car was dead.. Then key decided to not unlock /lock and had issues with that so paid to have...
  3. MotivationThoughts

    New VT Exec.

    Make -Holden Model- VT Executive Year- 1999 Colour - Cinnabar Transmission - 4 Speed Auto Engine - 3.8L Ecotec V6 Diff - Factory Single Spin Exhaust - Factory Suspension - Factory Wheels - Unsure Brought her not long ago, haven't done any mods atm. When i got it, it had GTR stickers...
  4. MattyC

    [WA] Holden Commodore VT II S - Dual Fuel **SOLD**

    ITEM: Holden Commodore VT Series 2 S-Pack Dual Fuel LOCATION: Perth, WA YEAR: 1999 (June/July?) SERIES: VT II BADGE: S ENGINE: 6 cylinder Unleaded Multi-point injected 3.8L (3791cc) TRANSMISSION: 4 Speed Automatic COLOUR: White EXTERIOR CONDITION: Very Good condition...
  5. A

    1999 VT2 - Multiple Issues + Poor knowledge of cars

    Hi All, I've recently purchase a '99 VT2 commodore and after about 3 months have started having a host of issues with it. 1. Turning issue: when i am turning right (even more so when going through roundabouts) the steering feels delayed, and the steering wheel is harder to turn. On 2 seperate...