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  1. YoungHoldenMan

    2000 VX Commodore won't start

    Hello! I'm not overly car savvy but enough to get by. I also may get the terminology wrong on things but will try my best. so please be very information and provide links if you can. I also have my friend helping me who is a diesel mechanic who works on trucks. My issue with my car is that he...
  2. J

    Transmission change?

    I'm wanting to change my automatic 2000 series II V6 VT commodore over to a manual transmission. My question is, is it possible to fit a manual transmission out of a 2001 V6 VX and what would be needed?
  3. J

    Want to get an exhaust for my VX Acclaim but I'm not sure which to choose

    As stated above I have a VX Acclaim which has had no previous modifications (completely stock) and I want to get an exhaust system installed. I want a nice rumbling sound but I don't want any droning or idle noise. I just want the sound on acceleration. I was thinking about getting a 2.5 catback...
  4. D


    Hey all, im new to this and was asking for some help. I recently purchased my WH STATESMAN from my old man, and am now having a slight issue. when the headlights are off, the indicators work fine. However once the headlights are switched on the left hand indicator is held on and doesnt...
  5. W

    2000 VT Commodore - Air Conditioning Problem (Video of the problem in thread)

    Hey, i have an air conditioning problem.. I bought this car with this problem already existing and the previous owners said they took it to be fixed twice. First time they supposedly fixed it, but it never worked, so they took it to another place and they also supposedly fixed it, by re-gassing...
  6. S

    VT faulty alarm

    Hi guys, my VT alarm is faulty as. It keeps going off so I have had to turn the speaker off to stop it annoying everyone but my lights still flash all the time. Any ideas how to fix it? Thanks
  7. S

    VT Front wheels sitting too far forward.

    Hi all. I have a 2000 Olympic Edition VT. But my front wheels sit too close to the front of the bumper and it rubs against the guard as i turn corners. It has burnt away all the guard and is now starting to eat into the winscreen liqiuid resevoir. Any idea what could be causing this?
  8. B

    CV III Clutch Confusion

    Ok, after all this reading and talking to people I'm getting confused. I have a VS III (2000) Ute, and the clutch is gooooone! I have had quotes from various places to get this fixed, the problem is they have ranged from as low as $700 right up to $2500!!! I here different stories, like a...
  9. RichoKidd

    2000 VT Executive V6 Auto. What to do?

    Hey guys, I have just purchased myself a 2000 Model VT Executive. I'm just wondering what I should do to make this car look a million dollars for cheap?! Any advice would be appreciated? -RichoKidd