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  1. J

    AC electrical issues

    hey guys, I’ve got a 2001 WH statesman l67 Okay so I’ve had my air con regassed professionally and pressure tested, there’s definitely no leaks and we’ve replaced the o rings with genuine ones, pressure checked it again 24 hours and still holds pressure But the air con clutch will not engage...
  2. xev_

    2001 VX Berlina - Ignition/Startup issue

    Hey guys, Issue 1: So I've got a bit of a weird one, roughly 5 days ago I noticed when I started my car at the end of the day (commuting back home) my car's RPM sorta fluttered and "lost power" so to speak as I pulled from the curb to drive away (it so far hasn't occurred when driving on the...
  3. L

    Short in wiring

    Hi guys I have a short in my car and im also getting no spark what so ever I've tried replacing Cabo angle sensor and also have checked all coils but still getting no spark I then got a fuse tester and tested all the fuses and found the shorting fuse which turn the test light off, I don't have a...
  4. Stef-vy

    Headlight not working but the globes good?

    Hey guys, I have a vx 2001 and it has Monaro headlights and tailights, no issues with the back but front headlight on the left side has completely killed both of the normal driving lights in only the left side, but it still works on high beam? I'm confused and worried it's a bad wiring...
  5. J

    2001 Holden Statesman WH Auto, Electrical not working, what could be the issue?

    Need help solving the issue to my 2001 Statesman. Blinkers will at times stop working (a press of the hazard switch fixes them) and flasher cam has been replaced. High beam lights come on with low beams and can only be turned off by turning on the driving lights. Horn has stopped working...
  6. xev_

    2001 VX Berlina - Engine Bay (Digital) Fuse Diagram for everyone

    Hey all! So my own original Fuse/Relay Diagram has practically perished so I took it upon myself to recreate it 1:1 in Photoshop and here's the result. I figured I'd share it with everyone else whom might find it handy. ;) (Dimensions to print 12.5cm x 4.5cm with 300ppi (75% Scaling was used...
  7. Cameron Leary

    VX Commodore mods P plater edition

    I'm after ideas for what I should do with my commodore for a bit more power It's stock as a rock I'm the third owner. All I've done to it is replaced the front hub bearing and spent about 1500$ at the mechanics on bullsh#t. So far I've come up with > k&n filter > new or bigger throttle body(mech...
  8. Vu-ss-nz

    01 VU SS 5.7 Coilovers question

    Hey everyone, so I'm pretty new to Holden but I purchased my VU a few months ago, is a 2001 5.7L SS with 172,000kms. So recently I have had the power steering rack/boots replaced and a wheel alignment done. However, my left front camber is still out by nearly two degrees as I have a bent...
  9. saif abushanab

    Whay to do with this problem!!!

    I have problem in my Commodore vx ss 5.7l gen iii The car vibrates on idle and the idle is poor, the medium idle is 650 this drops to 640 or 630 and back up to 655 and like this, and the air thats come out of exhust is poor also ( as the videos ) What did i did? I cleaned the MAF sensor, air...
  10. O

    Possibly a Water Pump issue VX

    Hi all, Looking to confirm - got home last night to find that the VX had a puddle of water dripping from under it. Not radiator or hoses. However, I saw that it was dripping from the front end underneath the serpentine belt off of the front end of the oil sump. Couldn't see any water...
  11. moocow

    WH Statesman voltage issues

    Hey guys, I have a 2001 WH LS1 Statesman. My alternator recently died and I just replaced it today. I started it and checked the voltage across the battery terminals and it was just above 14v, so where it should be. I drove around town and everything seemed good. Got out on the open road...
  12. B

    VX V6 Electrical Problems

    While driving the other day my whole instrument cluster went dead. All needles dropped down to nothing for about 30 good seconds. Also during that time my abs light would come on and my stereo would start to go scratchy then cut out. Car was still driving fine, the odometer was still on and...
  13. I

    VU Commodore 5sp M Clutch Rattle & Noises

    Hi Everyone, I've got a 2001 VU Commodore 5sp Manual. The issue i'm having is a rattle that comes out only at idle when i'm sitting in neutral with the clutch OUT. It sounds like something in the clutch, and when i rev it the noise goes away. If i put the clutch IN, the noise goes away...
  14. capsey7

    Dash cluster gear selector lights

    Hey guys, I've got a auto 2001 VU and wanted to get the gear selector lights in the dash cluster (didn't come factory, I presume as its base model). I've had a read around on a few threads and believe I need to get a hold of a 4-pin loom. I just wanted to know if I will need to get a new...
  15. capsey7

    Low cost mods for ecotec

    I'm about to place an order for a MACE 25mm Manifold Insulator and MACE CAI for my 2001 V6 VU ute. Only thing is I'm not too sure if its worth getting as the car has done nearly 400'000km, any suggestions as to if its worth it and em I just wasting my money? Its about $575, including postage...
  16. capsey7

    Rough Idle 2001 V6 VU

    As the title says i have a rather rough idle. The revs seem to sit on a constant 700-750. I have recently replaced sparks and air filters. If anybody has any idea as to why the idle is so rough, i figured somebody else on here has to have had this problem could you please help.
  17. capsey7

    [Ecotec] VU V6 mods

    Hey guys, I have just bought a 2001 v6 vu ute, it is completely stock. I'm wondering what are the best mods to do, preferably DIY and nothing too expensive, would love it to have a nice note to it. I'm up for any suggestions.
  18. U

    VX commodore turns over but won't fire

    Hi, I have a 2001 vx commodore. I can drive the car everyday for weeks on end and it doesnt miss a beat. Though sometimes it starts, I drive 20 feet and it stops then it turns over but wont fire. Sometimes i can come back an hour later it will start or the next day, and it will fire and seem to...
  19. B

    Commodore Backfiring and shudder-help

    Hi Everyone Ive got a 2001 VX berlina that has recently been put on gas. It ran fine for a month apart from the engine cut off when going around corners so the mechanic tweaked the mixture and now yesterday whilst driving, not accelerating just casually driving the car backfired, It runs fine...
  20. tdirago

    [VIC] Selling VX Executive stock wheels/tires 15"

    ITEM: Stocks that i have no use for anymore, they're in great condition as they were only used when my dad use to own the car and he drives like a grandpa. Great for spare tires, can be swapped on long trips to improve fuel economy, ride ect, and they looking ####ing great! Treads are anywhere...
  21. M

    Info needed please

    I've just baught a vx exec, 3.8L v6 , i dont know all that much about cars im new to this. I want to mod it a fair bit, and need a rough idea of how much im looking at paying for different things, and in what order they should be done in. im not gona be going overboard, All i want is a set of...