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2004 vy ii berlina v6

  1. J

    Need help with fault overload code1 by commodore

    So I've been having some issues with my series 2 vy commodore Berlina other there week I started and drove my car got to my destination came back to the car 10mins later to it not wanting to start (well turns over then dies after firing ) After doing some research on this page I came to it being...
  2. D

    Have a bit of an issue with my LPG conversion, need some guidances

    So I have a Holden Berlina VY V6 3.8 Cyl Recently the car hesitates whenever I accelerate, in petrol, the engine will sustain itself and not stall, but with LPG it stalls. So my friend who's a mechanic helped me out and replaced all 6 spark plugs and got rid of all the hesitation on petrol and...
  3. S

    converting 2004 VY II BERLINA V6 to LPG

    Hi Guys, I bought a 2004 HOLDEN VYII BERLINA V6 with 59000 ks on the clock, It runs real smooth, the only problem is the petrol Bill its killing me. I want to covert it to LPG, i called one of the holden guys, but they say there is no approved kit for the stated model; I am afraid of...