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2004 vz

  1. robgm

    Strut top mount how to check if failing

    I had my 180,00km 2004 VZ Acclaim serviced a year ago, and on the list of things that need to be done was 'strut top mounts worn'. Now i'm getting around to doing stuff, and DIY. I don't feel/hear any issue with the front suspension, no banging or issues with steering that i notice. I looked...
  2. N

    2004 VZ Commodore Battery Draining (recently installed aftermarket head-unit)

    Hey guys, cheers for any help, and sorry if I've posted this in the wrong thread, I'm not new to just commodores, but I'm a first-time poster! :) Here's the go - my VZ SV6 has recently been having battery troubles, the car seemed to run completely fine until I installed the aftermarket head...
  3. V

    Check Power Train Faults

    Just needing some feedback. Took the car to an Auto Electrician as the Check Power Train is flashing, the car is running very rough, has a great big rumble. They sent me to a mechanic. Got 3 code. P0354 - Coil (they replaced coil but there was no change) P0204 - Cylinder 4 Injector...
  4. F

    sv6 heating up in traffic

    hi people, i've had a couple problems with my 2004 vz sv6 overheating when in traffic or just held up a bit at lights. i got onto it early when it was only ranging from 1/4 to 1/2 way up the temp gauge, but it was never really losing any water. i took it to the mech and they said the radiator...